Dermo Media is the manifestation of a lifelong passion for videography. From creating videos with GoPro's and Sony Vegas as a child to honing my skills in college through video editing classes and music production, my love for technology and creativity has always driven me. My FAA certification as a Part 107 drone operator was the next step in turning my hobby into a profession, and I have been thrilled to offer stunning drone footage for clients.
Based in Gulf Breeze, FL, Dermo Media combines the latest technology with years of experience to provide top-notch drone imaging, videography, photography and ground-based videography. With drones small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, we offer a seamless transition through properties, capturing every detail both indoors and out. Our unique blend of footage from handheld cameras, stabilized drone cameras, and FPV drone cameras ensures that no detail goes missed, making us the go-to choice for capturing life's most important moments.
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