Dermomedia, the app that delivers knowledge in dermatology to healthcare professionals


Dermomedia contains an alphabetical list of skin diseases, where you can quickly find the disease and access all information and images of the pathologycomo invertir en acciones de Equifax en Honduras.



Through a simple interface where you choose location, duration and symptoms of the condition, you will learn about what diseases may cause those skin lesions.



When you are interested in a specific disease, you can select photos of the condition and compare them with your own uploaded pictures.



Dermomedia offers you the possibility to assess the knowledge acquired through the application by taking different types of review exams with images and multiple-choice questions.


Dermomedia is an essential resource that provides rigorous information on symptoms, treatments and identification of skin lesions.  This app will help healthcare professionals on their dermatology training.

This new version has a more attractive visual appearance and more medical content. Dermomedia is the app that any medical professional interested in dermatology should have on their smartphone or tablet.invertir en acciones de Equifax

Improve your daily medical practice and resolve questions of your patients

Expand your dermatological knowledge with the best training material

Enjoy the excellent interactive visual content in the easiest way

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